CopperDog 150 | 2014

Have you ever attended the CopperDog 150? If your answer is no, then please go and check out what it is here -->  If your answer is yes then you will understand how awesome it is!  This was only my second year attending and I can't wait until next year!  The company I work, Brockit Inc, takes photos of the entire race and they have been doing so for quite a few years now.  So not only do I get to watch the races but I get to photograph them! My job is to capture all of the "commotion" during the race, (race officials, cute kids, mushers getting ready, sled banners, happy people, volunteers, etc.)  So here are a few of my favorite shots from the first night! 

The entire night I felt like the Michelin Man! haha

This is my dear friend, Sarah Blakely, she's a reported for the local TV station! 
Check out her page --> Sarah Blakely TV6

This is my boss. He's rocking that fur hood, don't you agree?