Danielle & Gabe | Iron Mountain, MI Wedding

October 22, 2017

This was my last wedding on last years "wedding season" and it sure ended the year on an amazing note! Such a relaxing and fun day celebrating these two with their son Alessandro and Friends & family! 
One of my favorite questions to ask my clients is how they got engaged....you know the question, "How did he ask?!".
This is Danielle's story on how Gabe asked and it's such a freaking cute story:

"This man had one of the most thoughtful proposals, which had been in the works for months without me knowing. It started with his trip to the Philippines to visit a few of his high school friends. During that trip he had the proposal video filmed, which included shots inside of a volcano. Fast forward to the night he proposed (August 8, 2015)...we went out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Distrito. We then went to the Philadelphia Art Museum to walk around. That’s one of our spots where we like to go during the summer to check out the views of the city at night and just relax. He asked about going down by the water to see what was down there. It didn’t appear like anything was, aside from a few engraved plaques on the ground, so I reluctantly went. We snapped a selfie with Boathouse Row in the background. He then asked if I had seen his video from the Philippines. I had seen a few, but was thinking ‘how would I know what video you’re talking about?’ He pulled out headphones to have me listen to the video, which I thought was a little odd, but didn’t read anything into it at the time. I did not realize until the very end what was happening and as the video stopped I turned to my right to see Gabe on one knee - asking me to marry him. It was at that point that I blacked out. I had to ask him afterwards if I had actually said yes or if I imagined saying yes. I then took a seat to avoid getting too light headed or passing out, since I was 8 months pregnant → talk about giving a pregnant woman a rush haha! Luckily I did not go into labor. It was a beautiful, thoughtful proposil, which I will treasure forever. You can check out the proposal video here: Gabe & Danielle Proposal Video"

Hair & Makeup: Salon 323
Catering & Venue: Pine Grove Country Club
Cake: Super One Foods
DJ: V.M. Productions