Brooke | Hipster-Sweater Shoot

A few weeks ago I asked people on my Facebook page if anyone would be interested in modeling for me for a photo shoot I have been wanting to do. Luckily enough, Brooke emailed me! I was so excited, especially when she sent me photos of her back yard…it was the PERFECT area for some portraits. When the day came it was snowing outside, I wasn't to sure how I felt about it…but once we started taking some photos I remembered how awesome snow is! The lighting was to die for…snow is THE BEST reflector! I had so much fun meeting Brooke and her sister Johnna! They are the sweetest girls and holy are they gorgeous! Brooke is a hair dresser at Regis Salon in Houghton so if you need something done with your hair I recommend her ;)

Anyways, this session was for my own personal growth and it was a time for me to get my creative juices flowing. 
I feel like lately I have been lacking on doing photography for ME, which is why I started photography in the first place. I need to remember to take a step back and remember why my life is photography :) 


and here is Brooke's sister, Johnna…she was basically my assistant during the shoot! Thank you :)