Karly & Jacob | Oakland University Engagement

Here is the hilarious story of the beginning of how Karly & Jacob fell in love! 
Find the photo of them sitting down, that's the exact place this story happened.

"The winter semester at Oakland University had just begun. Karly had moved back to Holly from Mt. Pleasant and was waiting for her next class to start at OU's Oakland Center. She decided to grab some lunch with her friend and they were trying to find a place to sit in the busy lunch area, when she spotted Jacob. Karly immediately directed her friend in the other direction so she didn't have to say hello. Karly tends to avoid awkward small talk. Doesn't everyone? Had she not seen or talked to Jacob in so many years she doubted they would have anything in common. After lunch Karly said good-bye to her friend and moved to another table to have more room for studying. No Jacob in sight. Suddenly, Jacob rounds the corner to toss some papers in the trash, and notices Karly. Being the nice guy that he is, he says hello. The two chat for just a few minutes and after the two reminisced back to that moment, said they definitely felt some chemistry. They exchanged phone numbers and made plans to see each other in the next few days. They met at the future best man's house one night and immediately hit it off."