Kendra & Jason | Intimate Home Session

Kendra & Jason are some of mine and Brett's best friends. They actually live right down the road from Brett (and soon, me). 
These two have the biggest hearts and everyone can always count on them.
Jason recently has started his own company as a home inspector and also just got his builders license.
Check out his website, Hulkonen Home Inspections!
Kendra has a knack for all things that come with being a home body.. decorating, baking, cooking, and being a great host. 
I personally am obsessed with watching her Instagram for updates on their adorable house and recipes she shares. 
Check it out and give her a follow,
This session documents some special things in their lives during 2017, two being living in their first home together and getting their first puppy, Rory!
I'm so grateful to be able to create a tangable memory for them to look back on this time of their lives.