New York Road Trip | Part 3

Here it is...the third and final part to our New York Road Trip! If you haven't seen the first two parts.. here they are! (Part 1 -- Part 2) It has been over two months since I went on this trip and I miss it so so much! I want to go back, right now! :( The day after we spend the day in New York City we went to Coney Island! This was by far the most interesting day/night of our entire trip. First we arrived at Coney Island, went swimming, and laid out for a few hours (which I got fried from doing!) It was a gorgeous board walk, which was so awesome considering I have never been on one before! The beach was filled with people of all ages and we definitely noticed some styles that would not be sported in the U.P.! I also experienced the greatest hamburger I have ever eaten! I NEVER order burgers from restaurants.. i'm more of a chicken sandwich kind of girl, but I felt like being different so I ordered one and oh my goodness. Best decision ever!


After a long day at Coney Island we started driving to Connecticut to find somewhere to camp at!  About 2 hours later we found out that there are zero camp sites around the area.  We found this out by stopping at a gas station in one of the cutest little towns I have ever seen.  An older guy told us that there was a private beach down the road that we could sneak on and camp at... so we did! If I tried to tell you the whole story you would probably think we are crazy so i'll just leave it to we snuck on a private beach, got eaten alive my mosquitoes, and got the cops called on us in the morning right after we left (we are pretty sure). So it was a pretty successful night.  The houses on the beach we slept on were GORGEOUS! Million dollar mansions basically.  These are the only photos I took because I didn't keep my camera down there while we slept! The two photos below were taken in the middle of the night, the only source of light was the moon! 

We woke up at 5 in the morning and left, we made our way back towards Michigan, we had plans to stop at a few places during the day! We stopped in New Jersey at a place called Troy Meadows, it was suppose to be a place filled with beautiful flowers but I think we got there too late, all of the flowers were we did a mini photo shoot to take up some of our time! It was awesome having such beautiful models! 

We stopped at the Delaware river and that's where we found a campsite to stay for the night. Even though we were camping it was probably the most relaxing night out of the whole trip! We ate food, went on a hike to see a ton of water falls, talked in British accents, went swimming in the river, and watched a movie before bed! 

We got to sleep in a little bit the next morning because our only destination for the day was called Penn's Cave. It's a cave that is halfway underwater so you have to float through it on a boat! It was really awesome! 

Originally we were planning on finding other cool places to see but after Penn's Cave we all decided we were ready to go home! So we drove all the way back to the good ole U.P.! It was the best trip I have ever been on and I would do it again in a second!