Lee & Mandy | Engagement

I know I say it a lot, but this really is my favorite session...EVER! I enjoyed every single moment of it. A photographer can't complain when they have an absolutely gorgeous couple to photograph! We started our day with getting some coffee and treats from Cafe Rosetta, (If you're a cute coffee shop kind of person I would highly suggest checking it out!)  Then we made our way to Hungarian Falls and hiked a little bit! Mandy and Lee are so in love and I only know this because you can feel the love with their presence! :)
I asked Mandy how they got engaged and this is her story:

Lee has had to travel to work for the past few months, so over this past Labor Day we were looking forward to spending a long weekend together with family and friends.  That Saturday, Lee had planned a special dinner and day for us.  We were going to go to the Library (our first date) for dinner and to spend the day in Copper Harbor (our second date), but plans began to change over the course of the day, because I unintentionally kept ruining his plans. 

I let him know that I had already been up to Copper Harbor the day before with my sisters and that I didn’t really want to go again.  I then began inviting people to all of the different plans we were making.  We ended up visiting my parents, going to coffee with my sister Maghan and brother-in-law Josh.  I also ended up eating dinner with my brother Kyle and sister-in-law Kate.  All the while Lee’s plans for the perfect proposal were being crushed.

After dinner Lee and I began driving back to my parent’s house.  He asked if I would want to stop and watch the sunset somewhere.  I said yes and didn’t think twice about it, because it’s something that we would typically do together.  As Lee and I drove to the beach we began talking about our futures, dreams, and plans that we have together.  The conversation continued onto the beach where we walked quite a ways watching the sun set over Lake Superior.

During the conversation I went to hug him I could feel his heart beating extremely fast.  I pulled away a little to ask if everything was alright and that’s when he got on his knee.  I was in absolute shock.  I began crying instantaneously and I said out loud, “Is this really happening right now?”  Lee began to say sweet and wonderful things and asked if I would marry him.  I of course said yes!  I really couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.

Thank you Mandy and Lee for asking me to photography your wedding next summer! I am SO excited :)
Also thank you to Victoria for assisting me during this shoot!