Miranda & Ben | Colorado Engagement


These two have a bit of a unique story.. they both grew up in Ohio but didn't know each other. 
Later they met in Colorado and went on their first date. Ben and Miranda went to complete a hike that she had no idea was so difficult! The Manitou Incline is basically a set of stairs that is one mile long, but changes your elevation by 2,000 feet! Miranda had only just moved to Colorado from Ohio and was not quite acclimated to the altitude, it took them a while to hike. Miranda said she complained the whole way up, but Ben kept encouraging her and telling her they would get to the top no matter what.  They did, of course, and that sort of set a precedent for the rest of the relationship! Ben gave her an ornament that Christmas that had the incline on the front, and on the back he wrote “ Together we can conquer any mountain.” They fell in love surrounded by the mountains, so to propose, Ben took Miranda to do the Incline again.  What a symbolic gesture of their love! Ahh.

So, this past August I traveled to Colorado to take engagement photos for them since it's such a important part of their story. We visited a very quaint mountain town called Nederland and also drove up to Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs, which is where Miranda currently lives. 

Here are few fun facts about this session:

  • I quickly realized that Colorado is where I should be living according to my new rebranding.
  • Ben and Miranda love each others presence so much, literally being around them makes you want to cry happy tears. 
  • Throughout the time spent with them, it was sunny, raining, super windy, and hailing. 
  • They bought me donuts and a coffee mug while on top of Pike's Peak because they know my addiction to coffee.