New York Road Trip | Part 2

This post will be dedicated to the full day my friends and I spent in New York City!  If you missed the first blog post I would suggest to read that one first ;) (New York Road Trip | Part 1) !
We arrived in a town called Linden, NJ.  The traffic was pretty insane on our way there so we were thrilled to be getting out of the car!  We bought our train tickets and waited for it to show up.  All four of us were overly excited to see and experience NYC!  We snapped a few photos then boarded the train.  To be honest, I was a little nervous riding on the train.  When you are from a small town like I am, you assume big cities have constant crimes, so I felt a little defensive against everyone.  It took a good half an hour for us to arrive in NYC.  Once we got there we didn't know how to control our excitement!  We were typical tourists the whole entire time!  We walked out of the train station and this is what I saw..

In complete awe... Since we were being typical tourists, we got convinced to buy tickets for the bus tours.  It seemed like a logical thing to do since we had no idea where anything was.  They were a pretty good deal, we could use the bus all day and we could jump on and off as we pleased.  This was the man who convinced us into it... he didn't speak English the greatest but he was super nice!  

Our first stop was.....The Empire State Building of course :)
The third photo below was us being too cheap to buy a print of the picture we got taken, so we got it a different way ;)

Once we got to the top it was breathtaking, it was a site that I have never experienced before.  I live in a beautiful area, but NYC was a different kind of beautiful and I loved it! 

After that we walked around and rode the bus for a while, checking out the city and people watching of course! 

Have you ever watched the movie National Treasure?  Well there is a scene in the movie where they go into Trinity Church in NYC....and this is it! I didn't get any pictures inside..unfortunately :(

We saw the Brooklyn Bridge and also went on a ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty! It was pretty awesome!

Grand Central Station was awesome, not just because a million movies were shot in there, but it was just a beautiful building!

By this time we were all pretty exhausted and in terrible moods.  It was boiling hot out the entire day!  So hot that when you sat on the top of a bus for five minutes you left a puddle on the joke.. it happened. I know, gross! But anyways...we were all kind of crabby until we saw Times Square!  I want to say it was my second favorite part of New York City...visually it's the best thing I have ever seen!  While we were there Victoria got attacked by two asian Hello Kitty's and Lauretta got hit on by Spiderman! We also bought iced coffee from a two story McDonalds! 

After trying to be convinced by a cute boy to buy stand-up comedy tickets, we made our way to central park!  Before we made it into the park we got stopped by a man who wanted us to pay him to ride us around Central Park on a little bike thing (not sure what they are called) as we said no to him we saw that some street dancing was about to happen!  It was a group of men who were very talented dancers..they actually chose me to be jumped over, including four other people! It was a lot of fun!

After we watched the show, the men trying to get us to buy a bike ride came up to us again...and actually convinced us to do it! But under my conditions, I told him we would pay for only one! So we all piled onto this little seat and made our way through the park! It was very much worth it! The man that gave us the ride was extremely nice and even helped us get photos in the "Friends Fountain"!
Many people have asked me, "what was your favorite part of New York?"  It was with no doubt Central Park! I loved absolutely everything about NY but there was something special about CP.. First off, it was a photographers dream.  There are countless spots to take amazing photos! Other reasons I fell in love with it is because of the history in movies and shows it has! I have no doubt in saying that you have seen a movie that was filmed in central park! Here are a few that were actually filmed there. Elf, Spiderman 3, Uptown Girls, Maid in Manhattan, Remember Me, The Smurfs, Enchanted, the show Friends, and the Avengers...but the list goes on!  Another thing I loved about it was there were musicians playing everywhere!  It was beautiful.  Once I visited CP I realized that I really really want to live in New York City for a while!  Maybe someday I will!

Our final stop before leaving the city was to the building that is in the show Gossip Girl! It's a large stone building that is their school in the show! What also happened is Lauretta tried to pull a joke from the show friends where Joey literally steps on the map to figure out where he has to go! :) It was hilarious!


The last photo I took was our free bus ride back to the train station!  The only reason it was free was because the bus driver felt bad for how lost we were..and i'm okay with that ;) 

Making this blog post made me miss this trip so much :,( I guess I'll just have to go on another one!
Have you ever been to a big city? or do you live in one? Tell me about it :)
Keep an eye out for the next blog post about our road includes Coney Island and an awesome hike with tons of waterfalls! :)