Ryan & Emily | Engagement

This is a couple that has been through thick and thin for 9 years and are finally getting married! :) I love couples that have actually experienced life together before marriage! This is their engagement story!

"So here's our story. I have been asking Ryan for the last five years to get married but we've had some obstacles in our way.  I went to a wedding a couple weekends ago so we were talking about it. Tuesday after work I leaned over and asked him if we could do this, he said go get a calendar and we can pick a date! We picked July 12, 2014, so we called our parents and told them what was going on, nobody believed us because I've been asking him for sometime now.  So finally on Wednesday we went and picked out the diamond ring I wanted, I got it the next day, and the rest is history!"

so so so excited about their wedding next summer!! :)