Trent | Houghton 2014 Senior

All of my 2014 Seniors were amazing and I can't wait for this coming years 2015 seniors! :)
Trent was my last 2014 senior session and I couldn't have ended on a better note.
For his session we explored around where he lives in Freda, MI. There are so many beautiful locations there so we went to a few! First we shot around his house, which is a gorgeous little farm-themed house..i'm in love with it. Then we made our way to Redridge and made use of some bright green trees (I have been missing that warm-saturated look), and also the Redridge Dam.   For our last stop we went to a spot in Freda that is filled with ruins from a old mining company..(don't quote me on that). I had a blast during this session, Trent is such a sweetheart and I wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.

Trent's family has three dogs and I think they were all pretty jealous that they couldn't be in the photos..because they tried to get in on the action!